Anne-Laure Lemaitre


I have always been fascinated by childhood and early-childhood, so with my certified French nurse degree in hand, I decided to follow a career centered around children.


My first job was to take care of sick children as a nurse in a Marseille's hospital and the second was centered around neonatology and maternity in the west of France, close to Paris. During these few years there, I learned to take care of babies from the time they were born and provided practical advice to the parents during the first few days with their new born, breast feeding, nutrition, essential development to the new born's well-being and portage.


In addition to the technicalities surrounding the good health of the new born, I have also been exposed to the psychological aspect of birth, Namely, the stress and anxiety that parents can feel in front of their babies.With the great level of joy that comes with receiving a baby, parents can feel lost, unsure of their of their actions, or concerned they're not doing the right things. So I spent a lot of time with parents, listening to them and to their emotions, and giving them advice to enable them to focus only on the joy of living with their newborn. The parents and I found these moments so important that the hospital, where I worked at the time, decided to open a department specialized in the relationship between mother and child.


Conscientious, serious and a hardworker, I wish to share with you what I have learned over these years so that you can offer the best to your baby as early as possible.


 In addition to the experience acquired, I continuously develop my knowledge through different training courses to provide the ebst and most accurate advice to answer all your needs. You ca count on my availability and my dynamism to be with you when you need me, to keep you relaxed and happy as a new parent.


BabyCloud will provide you a high quality and professionnal service that both parents and baby deserve and will benefit from.

In a few words...


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Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)
Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)