"Cocooning Cloud" gathers a mix of easy practices and techniques to put to use daily, allowing your baby to smoothly and happily enter this new world. 


This innovative type of care has been in French hospitals for years now. Healthcare professionals are trained to teach you the right techniques to use in order to give your child happiness security and appeasement.


Thanks to my training in development care, I will show you what you can do at home to recreate the safe environment of the womb which reassures and appeases your baby. I will teach you about the wrapped bath, skin-to-skin, how to properly carry your baby, and recreate a calm and safe environment for bed time.

TOUCH CLOUD(5 sessions/1H-1H30): 1900 HKD

Thanks to my training by the International Association of Infant Massage,I will teach you how to massage your baby using different massage techniques: Indian, Swedish, Reflexology, containing touch, relaxing touch, al while spending special time with them.


You will discover the benefits of baby massage: pain relief (digestive, dental, muscular, etc..), relaxation, growth stimulation, better sleep, stimulation of the senses, openness to the world, and the feeling of being loved...


This workshop is also the opportunity to discuss different subjects in maternity and baby-care. It's time for relaxation for you and your baby.


Listening, respect, goodwill, love, and sharing are the keywords of this workshop.



This pack combines the « Cocooning Cloud » and « Touch Cloud » sessions.


By choosing « Wellness Cloud », you're deciding to offer what is best for your baby, to guarantee a harmonious psychomotor development.


First of all, development care is a state of mind.


If you wish to learn all the necessary daily care, what's best for your baby's well-being, and how to bring the comfort they need, this pack is for you.


Thanks to this care, you will live unique moments of happiness with your baby in a calm and serene atmosphere. All your exchanges will give birth to a feeling of mutual love which will never stop intensifying.

BabyCloud Development Care


Innovative care for the newborn, development care is defined as « care allowing the harmonious development of the baby».


The objective of these sessions is to bring the sweetness, cocooning, and security your baby felt in the womb, so they can feel calm and appeased. With this care, the attachement that unites you will be reinforced.

* We will organise sessions schedule together and in advance


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Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)
Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)