BabyCloud provides you with unique and customised support to help you at home, to take care of your new born. The birth of a child can generate different types of stress, anxiety, and doubts that are even greater when you and your baby live far away from your home country, far from the comfort and support of family.


With BabyCloud, you will never be alone. During our sessions, I will guide you in all necessary baby care, in your home, and whenever you want.


With BabyCloud services, I share not only with you my knowledge and savoir-faire to take care of the baby, but also development care methods to get your child relaxed and calm.


You can count on a high level of quality and professionalism to answer your needs and questions, and together we will make sure that your baby gets into their first weeks in life in the best conditions.

BabyCloud Services

"You do not become parents when you receive your baby in your arms for the first time. You become parents step by step, over time, by discovering every day this very unique human being, by taking enough time to share with them love and well being, by caring about them everyday and providing them with everything needed to feel wonderful, by looking, speaking, and touching them as well. 


De là naitra l’Amour pour votre bébé mais aussi ce lien si fort que l’on appelle le lien d’attachement. Ce lien ne cessera de s’intensifier au fil des jours et vous unira pour toujours à votre enfant. "

It's only about time....


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Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)
Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)