Essential Care with BabyCloud


These sessions regroup everything you should know and do about taking care of your newborn every day. This includes hygiene, food and nutrition, sleep, and your child development process. 


All these sessions take place in the comfort of your home at the hours best suited to you and your baby


(Sessions might be reimbursed by insurance companies )



During this session, I get to know your baby and guide you in all first hygiene care acts needed for your baby. This includes face, eyes, nose, umbilical cord care as well as diaper changing. I also help you to understabd which products are available for all the above and how to prevent and cure some basic skin issues, such as erythema.




This package includes the discovery session above + the bath ritual


With « Bubble Cloud », will not only discover daily hygienic cares, but also the joy and benefits of the bath ritual!


During this session, I will guide you to bathe your baby so that this moment is not only a hygiene act, but also a time for your baby's well being. You will quickly understand that bath time should be a moment of joy and happiness for you and for your baby





This package includes the discovery session, the bath session and the nutrition session.


With « Essential Cloud », you will manage the overall hygienic cares as well was bath. I will teach you and give advices for a successful breast feeding or babybottle feeding.


During nutrition session, I will show you the way how you must feed your baby (breast feeding or babybottle feeding). I will observe your baby during feeding time and give some advices. I will help you to avoid potential problem you can face during feeding time.


During 1h, I will explain everything you must know to let your baby receive everything he needs for his growth.

This package includes the discovery session, the bath session, the nutrition session as well as one on calming and sleep techniques.


With « Daily Cloud », you will be equipped with everything you need to know about your baby's daily care, and their nutrition. You will be able to calm your baby and ensure high quality sleeping time



During this technical session, you will understand the different ways to get your baby relaxed at all times, and especially when they cry or when you get them to bed. Thanks to much advice, you and your baby will be able to have great days and nice calm nights.

* Total time for all sessions included in the package. Together, we will plan, in advance, our differents sessions within 1 week maximum.


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Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)
Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)