In order to allow you to manage the stress and anxiety of the first nights, BabyCloud proposes a night watch. During this session, I am with you and your baby for 10 to 12 hours depending on your needs. I assure that everything is well organised for bed time, and I will be by your side when your baby wakes up to guide you and accompany you (breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, dipaer changes, etc...)


The goal of this night watch is to help you manage your concerns so that the first night(s) go by peacefully for you and your new child.

Night's Watch with BabyCloud

Returning from the maternity with your baby can sometimes be difficult. Even though you've aited months and that everything is ready to accomodate your new baby, you don't have any habits with your newborn yet. This lack of benchmarks can be destabilizing for you, and a source of stress and anxiety, especially at night. With BabyCloud, you won't be alone, I will be there with you to guide and to help you live these first nights in serenity.


During this accompaniement service, I am aware of all the fatigue that you will have accumulated after giving birth. That's why BabyCloud also proposes night watches, allowing you to rest at night in confidence that your baby is with a qualified professional. Thanks to these precious nights of sleep, you will quickly feel rejuvinated of all your energy.



If you wish to recover after giving birth, BabyCloud offers one or more night watches for 10 to 12 hours durations, based on your needs. During this or these nights, I will observe your baby, their sleeping and waking cycles to help regulate their sleeping rhythm quickly. I also evaluate their needs and will respond to them, if you desire, in continuity and coherence with you.


The goal of these night watches is to back you with your baby, allowing you to rest and recover in tranquility. 

NIGHT'S WATCH : 2800 HKD/NIGHT (Pricing to be determined based on the number of night) 


Mob: 6165-3881




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Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)
Do not wait for your baby to be born to contact Benedicte,
Let's meet for coffee anytime :-)